Different behaviour between fillable tags

joshuat47944438 28-11-2017


I'm wondering if someone might be able to provide some insight on this issue, as the contact support was unable to help.

We are using our own software to generate fillable tags on a pdf form.

For some reason, after filling our tags, some of the tags do not display the French special characters, while most do.

In the example below, we have 2 tags that are exporting the same information "Frère/Soeur". In the first tag, the special character is not displayed until I select the field on the form. In the second tag, the special character is always shown. Other than the position on the screen, and the name of the tag, there is no difference between these two tags and they are populated in the exact same way.


Does anyone have any suggestions surrounding what this might be?

Thank you.

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joshuat47944438 29-11-2017


After some internal investigation, we were able to figure out a way around the issue.

The issue seems to revolve around the 'Identify Form Fields' feature on the Adobe acrobat DC.

The invalid fillable tag was using the Identified form field, while the valid fillable tag was entered manually.

If anyone knows why this might happen, I would appreciate the insight. Until then, we have a workaround solution.



joshuat47944438 29-11-2017


Yes, any change to the incorrect text field causes the special character to appear. This is displayed in the third column, where it is apparent that the special character is in fact there.

The issue is that I need it to work as soon as the fillable tag is generated, without manipulation.

I will not be able to manipulate the information in any way after it is generated, so I require the special character to appear as it does for the second fillable tag.

Thank you for your suggestion though,