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Designer refuses to use Acrobat Pro for Preview


Level 7

every now and then, Designer (9.002) stops using Acrobat Pro as its preview engine and wants to use Acrobat Reader. I have no idea what causes this. So when you try to preview your document, Designer tries to launch a thread using AcroRd32.exe and since Acrobat.exe is running, it refuses to display anything.

This means you cant use the JavaScript debugger in Acrobat Pro to debug your scripts.

This is getting incredibly frustrating because there doesnt seem to be a way to tell Designer to play nicely with Acrobat Pro again.

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, but this has been working for a while now and only does this sometimes.

Anyone else getting this or know how to fix it?

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Level 7

<deafening sound of crickets chirping....>

Ok - just tried uninstalling Acrobat Reader and rebooting.... No go either.

Designer now spawns an Acrobat.exe process to preview the PDF, but you now cant launch Acrobat Pro. When you close Designer, it leaves the spawned Acrobat.exe process in memory until you use Task Manager to kill it. If you launch Acrobat Pro before Designer, you cant preview your PDF's anymore.

Still no debugging of Acrobat JavaScript from Designer.



Level 7

Well it seems that you can actually (or used to be able to) debug Acrobat JavaScript from within Designer itself using Acrobat Pro as the Preview renderer. As it actually spawns a real instance of Acrobat.exe, the JavaScript editor can be brought up during Preview mode (or used to be able to)

I have noticed the Debugger blink up a window that disappears whenever I deliberately force an exception.

Now my question is: Is this a known bug (Adobe?) and if so when is a likely fix going to be released? Or has one?

If it is NOT a bug, then how can I report it as a bug (Adobe?)

LC Designer 9 SP2 / Acrobat Pro 9.4.1 / Windows 7 x64


Level 2

Did you solve this problem?  I'm experiencing the same situation. Acrobat.exe used to launch for previewing my forms in Designer.  This was especially useful since the forms invoke web services.



Level 7

No, sadly I never managed to resolve the issue. I have uninstalled and re-installed all of the applications and it still wont work. I havent tried re-installing the OS yet, but it might fix the problem.

I gave up and had to save my XDPs as PDF's, opened them in Acrobat Pro, ran them to debug them then re-opened the XDP to fix them, rinse and repeat.