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Data bindings are lost when adding multiple fragments to a form


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I have a document that I made up out of separate fragments. Now, the first two fragments that I add work as they are supposed to, but the third one I add loses it's databindings.

It only loses the databindings that are made using the ALD interface, the bindings that have been added with conditions (through Javascript) remain. They are added like these:

vPlanTypeIndicator = $data.resolveNode("publishingBatch.publishingSubRequest.functionalData.contract.publishingData.planTypeIndicator").value;

vNumberOfStages = $data.resolveNode("publishingBatch.publishingSubRequest.functionalData.contract.numberOfStages").value;

These work all the time, so I guess this has something to do with relative/absolute bindings?

PS: the bindings of the first two fragments work, even though there isn't data connection added. Only a xml file is added (file --> form properties --> preview --> xml file added).

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Ok, so I discovered something essential but still can't seem to find a solution.

The reason why only the first two fragments have data bindings and the third one doesn't is because of this the xml file: 


The first fragment gathers the data from the first instance of "PublishingSubRequest" in the XML, the second fragment from the second instance but there isn't a third one, hence the lack of databindings from the third.

The databindings in the fragments are bound by $.publishingSubRequest[*], using the ALD object --> bindings interface. Only these bindings are lost !

The databindings formed with "vPlanTypeIndicator = $data.resolveNode("publishingBatch.publishingSubRequest.functionalData.contract.publishin gData.planTypeIndicator").value;" are not lost.

Does anyone have any idea how this can be resolved? I think i'm missing something very obvious.