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Creating a Dynamic Subform with Add button


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I am working in LiveCycle ES and I am trying to create a form that will have a user inputed heading that will show at the top of each page along with dynamically added subforms and can not seem to get the button to dynamically replicate the sub form to work.  I have the form saved as a dynamic pdf and the subforms are set to flow.  Any help would be appreciated.  I can send form if it will help.


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I'd be happy to take a look. stwalker.adobe@gmail.com



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I am having the exact same problem.  The subform I want to duplicate is not a table.  I had to wrap my subform in another subform to maintain the position of the fields.  The button is contained in the larger subform, which is set to flow.  My hieracrchy looks like this:

DateGridSubform (this subform is set to flow)


          (various subform fields)

AddButton (this subform is set to positioned)

Any assistance available would be greatly appreciated.


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Did you save the form as a synamic PDF?