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Create fillable forms that automatically fill out a letter


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Hi, so I'm new to adobe in general and have just recently started to use Livecycle Designer ES2 wanted to know if anyone had a way of doing this. What I would liek to do is be able to create a form that takes people's information. Then, it will be able to be put into a mailable form letter. Based on the inputed information, I then want the information to transfer to the form letter, with all of their information filled in for them, appear. I've made a form for the first part, but I would like to know if anyone could explain how to do the second part, where it creates the new page for me and fills in the blanks on the letter. So in essence I want my employees to be able to fill the form out and the information more to a latter they can print and send out to our customers. We do have a similer form letter but it is scripted into a webpage formate on one of our servers, but we are wanting to get ride of that and use PDF format for our documents.

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You can use floating fields in your letter that are bound to the fields in the form.