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Copying and Pasting a Row from the Form Onto Another Row


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I have pdf form created using livecycle. I'm trying to find a way to programmatically allow a user to copy and paste entire rows onto other rows. Right now, it just allows then to copy single elements/fields.

Is it possible for a user to copy an entire row and paste it onto another row (so that all the data from the copied row displays on the "pasted row")?

Other information: Rows contain text fields and drop downs.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I have not seen this subject being discussed.

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Level 10

Designer can create fragments which can be reused in other forms.

Check this tutorial.



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Hi radzmar,

My issue can't be resolved through fragments because it is a runtime issue.

i.e. I need a copy and paste function similar to the one in an excel document.

e.g. a persion can copy row #1 from a table and paste it into row #2.

Thanks anyways though!


Level 10


at runtime you can duplicate the data records with a small script.

I made a sample with a simple table.

In each row there is a button that will save the data of the entire row as XML and it to the data DOM.

Then it will create a new row at the end of the table which contains the same data.