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compatability of forms with Adobe Reader


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I have created a PDF form through Adobe livecycle where others can fill out certain information, i have distributed this form to a large group and those that dont have adobe pro and only have a reader are not able to save the forms once they have filled in the fields.  When they open the form a message comes up saying that they 'cannot save typed data into this form, please print a copy of the form if you would like a copy for your records'

this is not great as i need these people to be able to save this form and re-open it and be able to still edit fields.

I know it will work for them if they have adobe pro but i cant tell 50 people to go and purchase adobe pro so they can use these forms, is there anything cheaper or something that they can download in order to be able to save these forms.

It works fine on Mac (i think they have a built in proffesional reader), its just pc's that dont have pro that its not working on.

please help....

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You need to extend the file using Acrobat Pro or LiveCycle Reader Extensions.

In acrobat pro you can enable the ability to save the file in Adobe Reader, this is limited to a maximum of 500 people using the form and should be suitable for your needs

This should help


Hope this helps