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Chrome not displaying PDFs using Adobe Reader Plugin - XFA Forms will not work in Chrome


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See this post:


For security reasons, Google is removing support for NPAPI plugins from Chrome Browser starting version 42.x.

To see Chrome Version, go to: chrome://version/  in Chrome.

This means for example:

- Applications based on Java will not work in Chrome,

- Adobe Dynamic Forms (XFA based PDFs) will not display as a plugin inside Chrome

- You must enable the native PDF Viewer in Chrome to display other types of PDF inside Chrome.

- There is a temporary work around until September. Read the post above for details.

We need to find from Adobe what is the future of displaying Adobe Dynamic PDFs inside Chrome Browser?


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Thanks for sharing this information with us!


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See this article: Java gets browser eviction notices from Spartan and Chrome 42 - TechRepublic

So this is not just a Chrome thing, Internet Explorer vNext will also be plugin free. This is all well and good if browsers' built in PDF viewers worked well with XFA. However, most don't even work with Acroforms. Adobe needs to address this. PDF Forms are going to become less and less relevant if no one can view them.