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Charset Problems when sending to database


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Hi everyone,

I have a form connected to a mysql database (via a php file). People fill out the form and send the values via a button to the database. Works just fine, but when it comes to special characters like German ÖÄÜ it saves values like ü in the database. I have no idea what charset livecycle is using by standard (utf_8?) and how to change that.

any ideas?

Thanks for helping out

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via php means you're sending to some url using "HTTP button"?

If so, try using normal button and set control type to "Submit", then you should have selection of which charset is going to be used in "Submit" tab.


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Found the solution:

In the php script that processes the data I had to insert this line:

mysql_query("SET NAMES 'UTF8'");

now it works like charm...