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Adding Multiple Signatures before Saving


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Searching for answers regarding Adobe Live Cycle.  Taught myself how to use it the other day and I created the attached form.  These are the requests in regards to the digital signatures:

·        When applying digital signature it prompts for Save As.  Is it possible to sign multiple times and save the “signed” copy over the original?

·        Are there any options with the e-signature that would allow for the same person to “sign” in multiple locations without having to save the document?  For our application it is important that the document be saved with the current name.  Changing the filename or folder will not work for us.

I have searched high and low to find the answer to this and I’m raising my white flag in hopes that you may be able to help or point me to the right place.

I greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide.

All the best,


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You must save the PDF after each signature.  Just like any "save" if you use the same filename you overwrite the original, but in the case of a digitally signed PDF this is desirable behaviour.  A signed PDF maintains a trail (for lack of a better term) of the various states of the document at each signature (see attached screen shot).  You can use the signature pane in Reader or Acrobat to view what the document looked like at the time each signature was applied ("Click to view this version").

You can also quickly see the overall status of the signed document from the blue "document status" bar displayed at the top of the document.

Hope this helps.