Cannot set a checkbox to required ("User Entered - Required")



It seems like the option to set checkboxes to "required" is not available in my LiveCycle form.  The Object/Value tab only gives me the "User Entered" option (in addition to "Calculated", "Protected", etc.).

Is this always the case?  Does this have to be done through Javascript?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Thanks for the reply.  What I realized later is that I need the form to check if one of two check boxes is marked prior to clicking a Submit button in one section that comes later.  So I don't want the form to make the check boxes required because the first user does not need to check them.  So I put this in the script for the Submit button:

if (CheckBox1.rawValue == 0 && CheckBox1.rawValue == 0)

  {"Please select Approved or Not Approved before clicking Submit!");


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Answers (3)




Hi there,

if you want a checkbox to be set mandatory in your form, just replace it by 1 radio button and change its appearance to a square box, so it looks like a check box...

then just make sure to be able to uncheck the radio button would be possible and then you can set the field to required

hope this help