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Can you add javascript code to a submit button? Driving me nuts!


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In my form, I have added a button to submit the form via email.  I have also added javascript code to the button so that when clicked, it will add a date to a text field and then lock the fields and make the submit button invisible.  When I break down the process, i.e. I set up the button as a submit via email.  That works.  I then add the javascript code to add a date to a text field, that works together with submitting via email.  When I add the javascript code to lock the fields and make the submit button (AcceptTerms) invisible, everything works, except sending the form back via email!  It's driving me nuts because I have used this formula many, many times and it has worked perfectly.  Why not now?  I am using ES2 and here is the code:

EffectiveDate.rawValue = util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy",new Date());


      // The following code confirms whether to Lock the form

      var cMsg = "Please ensure that you have checked the box above accepting the terms of sale.\n\n"

      cMsg += "By selecting OK the form will be set up to send via email.\n\n"

      cMsg += "Select CANCEL to stop submission of the email.\n\n"

      var nRtn = app.alert(cMsg,1,1, "Lock Form");

      if(nRtn == 1)

      { // A Yes Answer//Protects each field

     CheckBox1.access = "protected";

     EffectiveDate.access = "protected";

     AcceptTerms.access = "protected";

     AcceptTerms.presence = "invisible";





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