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Can I combine multiple entries into a single statement?


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I am relatively new to Live Cycle so forgive my lack of technical wording.

I would like to use multiple entry fields to fill in a statement.

For example:

I'd like the user to see this:

Target Dropdown     Endo Dropdown     Type Dropdown     Version # Entry     Date 1 Entry     Date 2 Entry

and then have the form merge all that together into a line that looks like this:


Preferably without repeating information on the page as we'll have multiple of these entries and the page will get hectic quick.

Is this possible?

I first had each dropdown in individual table fields, but due to regulations we follow the entries need to be merged without spaces.

I always have a backup if this can't be done, but any help is appreciated.

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Not sure where you're sending it, but if you have a global variable named "bob".

bob.value = "RS_"+target.rawValue+"_"+endo.rawValue+"_"+type.rawValue+"\"+version.rawValue+"_"+date.rawValue+"_"+date2.rawValue;

Something like that should work.