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Calculating Percentages Sample (2 digit discount % to calculate $ amount)


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Hello again, I have noticed a lot of people ask questions on how to calculate percentages easily and correctly. I recently made an invoice template that if you want to offer a discount - say 5% or 37% of the subtotal i will quickly calculate it.


Subtotal is calculated (Just a FormCalc calculation of line item totals). Discount is editable, not calculated. Both are set to display currency.


I have 3 fields (Numeric)

Subtotal,  Discount & DiscountPercent


CHANGE EVENT- DiscountPercent (2 digits, no decimal, Display Pattern is num{z9})


// This code just ensures only 2 digits can be typed in the numeric field

if (xfa.event.newText.length > 2) {
xfa.event.change = "";

EXIT EVENT - DiscountPercent

// This will populate the Discount Field on exit with the discount percentage applied to the Subtotal.

Discount.rawValue = Subtotal.rawValue * 0.01 * this.editValue 



- Adam

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