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Binding XML to Adobe Live Cycle - Nested Subform Repeat


Level 1

I have a nested repeating subform. The nested subform  is repeating more than what it is supposed to do. Any suggestions appreciated.

Here is an example to explain it better -

For User1, form needs to render 3 instances of subform; For User 2, form needs to render 1 instance of subform. But 4 instances of nested subform is displayed for User 1 & User 2.


  <user id="1">


    <child>User Child 1</child>

    <child>User Child 2</child>

    <child>User Child 3</child>


  <user id="2">


    <child>User Child 1</child>



Thank You.

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Level 9

How are you showing the subforms or making the instances of the subform? Are you using a setInstance() or addInstance() ?