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app.launchURL does not open sometimes


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Hello everyone

I need help with this problem, for some reason, in certain circumstances, Adobe Reader 8.1.3 with the button that runs the javascript:

app.launchURL("http://...", true);

is not open, no error throws to JS console, or anything ... you can press the button as many times as you want, it does not open.

The odd thing is that sometimes works and sometimes not, with different instances of the same form PDF.

PDFs forms are designed with Livecycle Designer ES 8.1 and saved as (Adobe dinamyc XML Form) finally the form are  passed  by ReaderExtensions (before delivery to user), so the user can fill in Reader.

This happens only in the client's computer.

Context where this occurs (corporate intranet):

- Windows XP
- Acrobat Reader 8.1.3
- OfficeScan Antivirus

It is possible that some other program or antivirus is blocking the opening of the new window may be why it happens randomly?

Thx in advance

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