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Always get [object UserDescriptor] when try to get user


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Hey there,

hope anyone can help. I'm trying to get the participants usernames in my chatroom but all i get is [object UserDescriptor] for each user.

My code is:


initialize="inicount();" roomURL="https://collaboration.adobelivecycle.com/bsender/myfirstroom" id="cSession" authenticator="{auth}" width="100%" height="100%" autoLogin="false">


width="620" height="412" title="BloodChat" layout="absolute" cornerRadius="15" verticalCenter="15" horizontalCenter="-0">

<coreUI:EmoticonTextArea width="415" height="305" x="0" id="chat_mesg_area" borderColor="#DEDBDB" y="0"/>

<s:Button label="Button" click="{Alert.show(cSession.userManager.userCollection[0].toString())}"/> //here i try to get the name


I also have a list and the cSession as dataProvider. But this also only returns  [object UserDescriptor] for each list item. (although it shows the usernames in itself)

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Did you look at the documentation for UserDescriptor ? I am pretty sure there is a displayName property you can use.

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yap. already found. it's just the simple object array

which contains the displayname, userid, ...