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Adobe LifeCycle Designer 8 - Fillable Forms - remove mouseover border


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Hi there,

I am using Adobe 8 LifeCycle Designer to create textboxes on a existing pdf so that the users can type & print (in Reader) instead of printing & writing.

I created textfields on all the places I wanted and saved it. When I open the pdf in a acrobat reader, I can see a blue background on the textfield area which is ok with me. But when I move my mouse to click & type I see a black border which I dont want. I do not see the blue background & the border when I do a preview in the Lifecycle designer.


Thanks for your answer.


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Hi Raaj,

That is standard behaviour. In Reader the Highlight feature is turned on, which gives the light blue fill and the border highlight.

You can control some aspects of the highlight function using script, see here: http://assure.ly/jiZ6tn.

For example, the following JavaSript in the docReady event of the root node would turn off the highlighting:

app.runtimeHighlight = false;

Good luck,