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Adobe Form send by e-mail as PDF + opening Outlook


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I've created a form with a "send by e-mail' button.

When clicking this button, the users Outlook should open with a new e-mail and the pdf attached (subject and To pre-filled)

I have tested this in example mode in Livecycle designer. Everthing works fine then.

But when I publish the form it sends the form directly to the given e-mail adres, without opening the outlook e-mail first.

It is important to open the outlook e-mail first, because I want them to add attachements and some comments in the mail before sending the form.

Any of you familiar with this problem, and how to solve it?

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Did you use this script in your button?

mailto:? Subject =

This has always worked for me.


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Yes I tried that.

I first used the e-mail submit button from the object library, this didn't worked, so I created the button myself with the standard button.

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