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Working with Attachments


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I'm trying to find information about working with form attachments.

My understanding so far is there are two types of attachments,

'Task Attachments' and 'PDF Attachments'.

Currently, I am putting my attachments in the PDF, and submitting my form

as a PDF to preserve the attachments. I can't figure out how to extract the attachments from the submitted PDF. I see there is a processFormSubmission service, but I have not been able to figure out how

to set the input parameters correctly.

Specifically, were do I get values for

- Environment Variables

- User Agent

- and the various Submission Options

I'm very new to LiveCycle, and have been having a difficult time finding

information on working with Form attachments. Any pointers to

documentation would be appreciated.

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Just set the Environment Variables to CONTENT_TYPE=application/pdf

and use a variable of type List and sub type document to the Attachments property.

That should be all you need to set.



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Thank you again for you quick reply!

That works great!