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Using Split with attachments


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Dear All,

I would thank you for any help in the following issue.

I have split in a process which split the flow of the process to go to 3 users for approvals and each user can add attachments before it submit. The issue is that after the 3 users submit the form what is shown in the step after the split is only the attachment of the last person who submit if he have attachments and the rest of the attachments are lost.

How can i resolve this issue any body can help please?
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The possible solution can be..

Have three different form variables for all the three split paths and outside the split use a set value qpac which will merger all the three different form variables in to another form variable and use this new form variable from there on..

This must work..

Raghava Kumar VSS


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Hi Raghava

Thanks for the response.

The approach you suggest works for form data (although it can be quite tedious to merge the data using SetValue).

However, attachments are not stored as form data, they're stored by the Form Manager application inside the database.

We've written a QPAC called ListMerge, which will allow you to merge the attachments from a series of User steps, and present them to a new user.

If anyone monitoring this thread is interested in this QPAC, please email info@avoka.com