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Uplaoding to an Access database


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I am veru new at this, so please be kind.

I habe set up a test form (see below)and made (what I think are the right connections.

Setting up the form

Added 4 fields text field1 text field2 data/time field numeric field1

Added binding name textfield1 textfield2 datetimefield numbericfield1

Created an access database on a shared (network) drive.

Created a table with all 4 fields

Created a new connection by using the wizard as follows

Select create new connection

Select OLEDB database

Clicked on Build

Selected Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers

Clicked on Use data source name

Selected MS Access Database

Clicked ok

Selected database form_test

Selected table form_test

Did not select any ADO Properties

Data connection tab came up on the right side of the screen.

Now what I would like to do is, using the form, populate the fields in the database.

Would someone set me on the path so I am able to do this. I am not writing to a web server, but a shared network drive

Remember, I be new at this :>)


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Have you been able to get this to work or do you still need help?


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Same issue. I'm new in designing forms in pdf. I got the form linked up with an access database but how do I enter information into the fields on the form and have that transfer to the database.

As I said everything is linked. I basically want to create an employee form for them to enter information into and then have that information stored in an access database.

I cannot find any books or help guides discussing how to do this.

Can anyone help.


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To be able to get the data into the database you will have to execute a SQL statement. An update statement if you are changing a current record or add a record then update if you are create a new record. There are scripting commands that allow you to control these actions.

If you post your email address I will send you my sample file that shows what these commands are and how they are used. You will not have my database but you will see how it can be manipulated.


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Could you please send me a copy as well?


Thank you


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can you sent me the same info. I am also intrested un this.


thanks for the help