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Sending a href link through data services


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Hi Ive been tring to send a href link in my chat but it just
appears in the plain text and not clickable. Does anyone know how
to do this or if its possible.

private function sendMessage():void


var message:AsyncMessage = new AsyncMessage();

message.body = {userId: userId.text, recipientId:
dg.selectedItem.userId, text:lbl.htmlText};

producer.subtopic = dg.selectedItem.userId;



<mx:Label id="lbl" selectable="true" >


<![CDATA[<a href='event:
to Adobe.com.</a>]]>



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If I am correct, as far as the messaging is concerned it is
just a text which you are passing. If you want the text (Anchor in
your case) to be work as an anchor, then I think you need to handle
that when you are displaying the text.

Hope this helps.