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Help with the script for fullname


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I am trying to write a script on my form for a fullname field. For eg:" someone enters fullname as abc l xyz then i want it to be like Abc L Xyz

i tried writing a script but i am messing up somewhere. Can anyone help me please, its urgent

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Hello i have a script which get the first letter of a word in caps but i want it for the fullname can anyone help.following is the script for one word

LastName = Concat(Left(upper(LastName),1),lower(Right(LastName,Len(LastName)-1)))


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Have you tried the following function in the xPath builder:

upper-case: "Each lowercase letter is converted to its uppercase equivalent, if it has one."

Something like upper-case(/process_data/@LastName) might do it.



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Hi Jasmin

I am trying to put a jAVAScript into the script window and got the following script it works otherwise but when inserted into form it doesn't work

I am doing it on exit event

var FormName = "7158.pdf";

var FieldName = "FullName2";

function CapitalizeNames() {

var ValueString = new String();


ValueString = ValueString.replace(/ +/g,' ');

var names = ValueString.split(' ');

for(var i = 0; i < names.length; i++) {

if(names[i].length > 1) {

names[i] = names[i].toLowerCase();

letters = names[i].split('');

letters[0] = letters[0].toUpperCase();

names[i] = letters.join('');

} else { names[i] = names[i].toUpperCase(); }


ValueString = names.join(' ');


return true;



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In the script window it uses BeanShell which is very close to Java.

In the form you can only use JavaScript.



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For information about beanshell, go to http://www.beanshell.org.

For information about the LiveCycle objects and methods that are available in the script, see http://www.adobe.com/go/kb402587

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