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Save xml data to a folder from Form Guide


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Hopefully someone has done this before.

What I would like to do is have a button on my form guide that when pressed will save an xml file off to a folder on the server.

I will have a seperate process that is watching this folder, take the xml as input, render with a form as pcl file and save in another directory.

I'm having two problems:

1. Can I use javascript behind the button to save the xml file to a seperate location??

2. How do I go from xml and a form (xdp) to a pcl file??

Thanks in advance!

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You cannot access the file system with the javascript we provide you in a Guide. You will have to submit the data to the server and have a server program do it for you. You could extend the flex wrappers to allow this but this would involve Flex coding.


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Alright thanks Paul.

The way I'm going to do it is to have a livecycle process that excepts an xml file as input and a string declaring which form to use.

This process will generate some PCL (generatePrintedOutput) and save the PCL file off to a specified location (writeDocument).

I will use a web service call to invoke this process via a seperate form (Form Guide).

Can you see any problems with this approach or should this work as I expect??


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Hello Gentlemen,

I hate to get stuck in the middle here - but I have the need to write both the XML and PDF to a folder on their local drive AND no idea where to start.

Could you tell me if this is possible, and how I would achieve it? I do have access to programers on our team, if it is beyond the LiveCycle designer features.

Also, (while I'm at it) - I'd like both these functions to be built into one button, and to happen simultaneously.




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You will need to use the generatePrintedOutput and generatePDFOutput services that come with LiveCycle Output ES.

Here is a very good article to help ya get started and has a good example:



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You've been a huge help, thank you so much James!