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Running scripts based on the presence of parents subform


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I've been developing a dynamic form wjich i've been working on for 7 weeks.

I've build mandatory and validation checks for the entire form. Its a for which kan collapse based on user actions.

As output this form gan generate more than 25 different versions.

Now my problem:

I'd like to run javascripts (mandatory checks) before the form is being saved by the user. Some fields and their subforms are not visible because the user which is filling out the form made choices which don't require those fields/sections of the form to be filled.

I scripted a function which checks all fields where i placed mandatory check.

But i want the function to only check the fields for mandatory if the parent subform is visible. Is this possible?

Now the user gets errors because not all required fields were filled out. But they actually are filled OK only the hidden sections have some mandatory fields which are not visible and therefore are not filled either.

Thx in advance!
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hi rob, if i understood your problem, this could be the solution:

somewhere you have your javascriptt(mandatory checks). you could go through the subforms and check whether they are visible or hidden:


(mandatory checks);


hope this will help.


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thought it was that easy too, but no luck till now

IF "condition" is True

then run the mandatory checks


do nothing

Looks pretty simple and logical

But it does not work :( Somebody?


Former Community Member
hi rob,

what is precisely not working? you may have defined 'wrong' paths to the subform. Or what does exactly happen?

let me know.