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Recall a Form


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We have a number of processes where it would be ideal if a user could recall a submitted form from the recipient before they open it.

One example is is a sickness reporting process where a 'return to work' form is sent by the HR dept to the sick person to complete on their return to work. The HR dept then received some new information regarding the persons sickness that needs to be added to or amended on the form before they return (medical certificate, change to expected duration, change of sickness details, change of contact details, etc).

In a paper process they would simply go to the persons desk (or ask their secretary to), find the form in thier in-try, amend it and put it back.

I have found some similar requirements on this forum dating back to 2006 but no answers - has anyone solved this requirement, or has ES got any new features that would make this possible?

Thanks - Stuart
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You would have to force the task to complete using the API or something. There is a Complete Task service, but you have to put the username and password of the user the item belongs to.

For security reason you can't complete something on behalf of someone else. However the API allows you to get an admin context to complete a task for someone else.

You also have to think of how you'll be able to execute the submission on behalf of the user.

Maybe it would be easier to just share the worklist for that user.



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you could cancel the task, and then create a new one with the new info

if you need help in cancelling the task let me know





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I would think you could attach an event to the assign to user task then throw that event to route it back to HR.


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Hi All

Thank you all for your very quick responces - sorry I've been off on another project for the past week.

Unfortunatly my ES skills are not up to any of the suggested solutions - and anyway what I want is a way for the HR Dept to 'reclaim' the task form thier Workspace - without them having access to the AdminUI or needing to know the Task / Process number etc - they are admin staff not IT geeks ;)

I realised that I asked this question in a different way last Dec (must be my month for tricky problems:) under topic "Add Claim From Queue ACL to Process".

This is my ideal solution as then the HR Dept get to 'see' the Task in the persons queue - and can update it form Workspace easily. And when the recipient completes it then the 'queue' disapears form their Workspace automatically.

However I still can't figure out how, or if, I can set the ACL 'User' (which in this case would be the forwarding HR Group - could be single memeber of that group if nessesary) from the 'Process' rather than form the Assign Task ACL GUI.

The "addClaimACLForSharedQueues" looks like it should do the job - but I can't find any documentation on using this component - anyone used it or know where the Tech Docs for it are - or if this is even going to do the job I want?

Best Regards - Stuart