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problem with multiple content areas


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I'm stuck with following problem. I need to build the form that should contain two logical areas on the each page. Main area should handle main form content (long table) and another area containing barcodes(dynamic list that should be filled from xml). Each area must be flowed cause both table and barcodes data may be longer than their subforms.

I've made one master page with two content areas on it.

I've made main form page with two flowed subforms and customize their pagination so that each subform overflow be directed in corresponded content area.

It's seems like all ok, but here's the problem:

While the table data gets overflowed to next page, the barcodes data starts to filled ONLY when the table data ends.

e.g. I've got 3 pages of table data first and more 2 pages of barcode data next instead of only 3 pages with all data compiled together.

Can you help me with this issue?

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I do not think you will be able to do what you ask. Once a page is layed out you cannot go nback and revisit it. So you can flow from content area on left of a page then go to the right content area but you cannot go to a new page then back to a previous page to fill a different content area. Is there a way to design the form so that table and barcode grow at the same time? Can the barcodes be part of the table?


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Thank you for quick answer!
sad to hear that such a logical way of solving the problem is impossible in LC..
Maybe you can help me to find a right way?
little more details about my issue:
I need to manage the form so that it could include both table and barcodes(list) items (while each of them may flow onto multiple pages of the form). E.g. table lasts 4 pages and barcodes lasts only 2 pages.

Table and barcode items are filled from xml file.



I've make a sketch of desired form layout:

Please, help me to find right way of doing this?
Thank you!!


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I was thinking that the content areas were beside each other horizontally. This makes more sense but I still think it will be a challange. Can you post the sample form and some sample data to livecycle8@gmail.com and I will play with it to see if there is a way to solve it.

Note that we will still have the layout issue mentioned before.


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I've send e-mail to you with following form. Hope you can help me.

Thank you