Populating drop-down list from OLEDB data connection



I have a form in Adobe Designer which I have connected to a DB2 database. I am trying to populate a drop-down list from one of the fields in the database. When I swap over to the PDF preview to test the drop-down list, I cannot expand the list. When I click on the drop-down arrow, I get an error sound (you know the one), and nothing happens.

I'm very new to forms and Java, so please be gentle.




Send me your pdf and i will look through it. This is a multi- step process so it will be difficult to explain in its entirety. Thanks.




Hi Doug

i have a form that has a drop down list with 4 items. the user will

choose one of the items from the drop down and what i want is whatever

the selection of the user, it should shown in another field on the

same pdf file. i have used the duplicate option, it does the job but

the problem is that the user can make changes to the duplicated field.

but when i lock the duplicated field, it does lock the original too.

can please help find an answer for this.

thank you