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Please Someone Help Me With My Problem


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When I download any adobe product or other products from MSN downloads I am seeing a "can not download due to a missing file or files" after the program has download. I have found a few missing files named: "SKU112.CAB" and another two named: "(92CA8CC-4E99-4A2A-93F1-B2C5CADC8613)"---and the file named: "psa30se_ytb612a707_dlm_en_us.aom"------I have tried everything that I know of to receive these files back, but my computer crashed on me a few weeks back. And when I finally got my pc back online, these files were missing. I have two or three programs that tries to find files for me and when I run these, this is how I found out about the missing files. Also, it takes a long time for my computer to go off line.

I have a Compaq Presario, Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2.

I even tried to restore my pc but, that did not work either. These files have just dissapeared.

When I try to download anything that is in PDF form my computer tells me that either files are missing or the file is corrupt.

I have checked my Norten Spam Remover all the time and these files are not going there. I also have on several occations I have clicked everything that was opened.

To be honest I am not a expert on this computer, just a self made learner. LOL,

If anyone can help me, I would truly appreciate it. Instead of me coming back every few hours to see if there is any info. here on the user forums, you may email me directly to: travelingworkforce@netease.net ---
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I hope this idea helps: you have posted in the forum for a very

specialist and obscure product called "Workflow Designer". Try picking

the forum for one particular product you are having trouble with

downloading and posting there. There isn't actually a general

"trouble downloading" forum unfortunately.

Good luck,

Aandi Inston