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Oracle PL/SQL or JavaScript Interaction with a PDF Document


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I'm new to LiveCycle - be gentle. . . :-)

My department is attempting to develop a web application which will, among other things, generate fixed layout forms filled with data from the database or from an application web page. The web pages for this application will be served via stored procedures from an Oracle database through a dedicated web server - that is, the web pages are actually contained within stored procedures called by the browser through the web server (we're sort of an odd-ball shop, serving pages this way, but Oracle does lend itself well to this technique). We are exploring the feasibility of using LiveCycle to design the fixed layout forms without having to form a connection to the database from within the document or PDF viewer. We are currently using Crystal Reports to generate forms or reports but we are trying to get away from it due to implementation difficulties, dependability and connection issues and the fact that a license for a Crystal Reports viewer must be purchased for everyone who needs to view the reports.

Is it possible to add a JavaScript snippet to an existing PDF form template from within an Oracle stored procedure to accomplish this (this appears to be the simplest solution to me)? The solution can be either PL/SQL or JavaScript based. Barring that, is it possible to merge data into PDF form fields before the document is sent to the browser?

After several hours of searching through Google in general and the Adobe forums in particular, the closest possibilities I can find is XPAAJ or maybe the LiveCycle PDF Generator service that comes with LiveCycle - I'll be researching those approaches to determine their feasibility. In the meantime, suggestions for simpler approaches would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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A quick glance at PDF Generator shows that it doesn't handle document access, only document conversion. XPAAJ looks promising, but appears to require Java programming knowledge to utilize it - we're not a Java shop. I'll investigate further, see if the XPAAJ interface is available to other languages.