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Merge and publish multiple records from OLE DB connection


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I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm new to LiveCycle Designer. I'm using Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.0, version 7, 0, 041126, 0 on a MicroSoft XP machine.

I've created a two page form and bound the data elements from an OLE DB data connection to an Oracle table. When I click the "PDF Preview" tab, I'm able to see the data has merged correctly.

When I publish the form the first row of data from the OLE DB merges correctly into the PDF file, but it's only the first record.

Question 1 - How can I get ALL of the records to merge into a single PDF when I publish the file?

Question 2 - I also need a way to merge all of the records into sepearate PDF files. Is this possible?
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I've spent a whole day looking through the documentation on-line, forums, and google help trying to figure this out. Is this not possible or am I asking the question incorrectly? I'm trying to merge all of the records in a database into a single PDF file for printing. A single merged record work fine and I have the ability to dynamically move forward and backward throught the dataset; however, it still escapes me as to how to get *all of the records into a single PDF.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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After a week of digging through forums, documentation and working with Adobe Support, it has become painfully evident that Adobe Pro 8 with LiveCycle Design can not do the mail merge function that I'm requesting; however, I've found a solution to Adobe's shortcoming. There is a third party product that is a plugin called MailMerge by Evermap. It cost around $149 and it's well worth the time and aggrevation! They have a lot of other plugins as well for basic functions that are missing out of the Adobe products.