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Make fields read-only with FDF


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Is there any way to make certain fields read-only by setting something when you load it with an FDF (or any other way)? I'd like to use one form for several steps in a workflow, but have certain fields become read-only (and maybe hidden) for certain steps.

Anything like this possible?

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Not sure if you still need help on this, but in the LiveCycle Designer documentation ("Adobe XML Form Object Model Reference) there is a script in the examples called "Disabling all form fields" You can apply this same logic to subforms (and I suppose an individual field, I did with with subforms).

So you will want to have a hidden field in your form (or based on any field in your form) and depending on that value, set the subform to readonly. If needed, you can set this field using the SetVar QPAC in your workflow depending on the step you are on. My only problem is that I have my form as a document variable, so I am sure how to change my hidden field after the first step and my form is within a document variable. But, if you are using Form variables, I don't see why this shouldn't be a problem.

Hope this helps!



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We have a requirement to display the adobe html forms in read-only format. got to know from adobe consultants that Adobe Livecycle Output ES has this feature. but i am not able to find out any services or components that would give me this functionality.

Is there a way to get these readonly forms using Adobe Livecycle Output ES.


Amit Phadke