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LCCS 2.1.0 : Released Yesterday!


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Hi All,

We just released LCCS 2.1.0 and wanted to share the love. As always, just open the SDK Navigator, and you'll get asked to unzip the latest SDK.

Release Notes :

Version 2.1.0 (Sept 15, 2011)
This release is relatively more quiet - we're fixing bugs reported by the community, trying to make sure we keep up with quality goals. We did take some time to VASTLY improve webcampublisher, making it easier to set resolution to any custom value.

Bugs Fixed :
:: thanks to javram, figured out how to make our webcampublisher/subscriber much better. Now support resolutionW/H, bandwidth of 0 by default, a black background for the subscriber, separate aspect ratios per camera, and webcamsubscriber.usersPerRow. publisher also has much more aggressive defaults (fps=24, quality=80, keyframe=48, bandwidth=0). Note : resolutionFactor has been removed, as no one understood it anyhow ;-).
:: Unzipping the SDK payload from the SDK App would lose the Ruby server integration files. Thanks to kemmot for reporting this on the forums (and sorry it took so long to finally figure out!) : http://forums.adobe.com/message/3070517#3070517
:: We now return "not-found" when you try to play back a non-existent recording, rather than the obscure message. (Sorry, I've lost who reported this - thanks for the feedback though!).
:: No more annoying binding warnings in ConnectSessionContainer. Thanks to Mickey79 for reporting : http://forums.adobe.com/message/3866249#3866249
:: Seeking in playback was broken when you have UPPERCASE letters in the archiveID. Thanks to DrAlexG for reporting this (in numerous places) in the forums.
:: Remote control requests wouldn't work more than once during the same screenshare. Thanks to tomipont for reporting this! http://forums.adobe.com/thread/ 891646?tstart=0
:: When the new allowDuplicateUserIDs was set to false, screensharing users would get kicked out of the room. Thanks to Ehud for reporting this - http:// forums.adobe.com/thread/891646?tstart=0. !
:: The room console was reporting "quota exceeded" for any session error. Thanks to JoeFlash for reporting this - http://forums.adobe.com/message/3894529#3894529
:: The Room Console's P2PDataMessaging checkbox would uncheck itself. Thanks for the report, Mickey79 : http://forums.adobe.com/thread/897203

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Woot! Thanks We'll be trying it out soon!


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Thanks Nigel, this is great.

There is a significant issue however with regard to the default black  background of the Subscriber. It is imperative to us that the background could be set  to be transparent so this does not significantly affect the look and feel.

Thanks in advance.