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How to allow only the specified users/groups to open my pdf files...


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Hi there,

I'm looking for resources/documents describing how to allow only the specified users/groups to open my pdf files by the Java API...

I've found a sample code creating a policy in the following document.


( API Quick Starts (Code Examples) > Rights Management Service API Quick Starts > Quick Start: Creating a new policy using the Java API )

But the sample code doesn't set recepients( users/groups ) who can open the pdf file.

How can I make it ?

Any samples ? or Does anybody can tell me which Java classes/methods I should use ??

Policy#addPolicyEntry(PolicyEntry policyEntry) ??

PolicyEntry#setPrincipal(Principal principal) ??

or none of them ?

Any hints are appreciated !

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mail me mergeandfuse@gmail.com,will try and send you the required info


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Please post the info back to this post when you find the solution.



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I'm not exactly sure what you are tying to do here, but typical approach when issuing one PDF par user/groups scenario goes like:

1. Create policy for specific purpose and add principal (user/group)

2. Apply policy on server side

3. Deliver the file (via email etc...)

If you are looking for sample codes, try quick start.


If you go "API Quick Start/Rights Management Service API Quick Starts", you might find something useful. I think you need "Creating Policies" or "Modifying Policies" for step 1 above, and "Applying Policies to PDF Documents" for step 2.

Hope this helps.