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LDAP group issue


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I am using an LDAP directory to manage APS users. I have now run into a problem with groups, i.e they don't work. A typical group member entry looks like this

cn=Angus Graham,ou=Users,dc=pegasus

and the corresponding person entry (a working login) has a uid and a userPassword. I am assuming that the Member DN entry in the GUI should be member. Should the Member Unique Identifier be member too?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

-- Angus
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Hi All,

We had a strange problem and trying to trouble shoot it now.

Problem : All the usernames belonging to a perticular group on the iplanet web server got disassociated from the group.

There is ANOTHER group but nothing happened there(all of the usernames still exist associtated with groups)

Software : We use iplanet and the usernames are authenticated through LDAP.

What do you think happened here.? Is there any option on the web server where you could have knocked off all the userids by mistake from its group???

please help in solving this puzzle


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What is the difference between this group and another one? Do you see any error when running the synchronization? That might give me some clue.

I think this version of Policy Server doesn't support referral (where principal in one LDAP belongs to another group in separate LDAP). Besides that, I haven't had any similar problem so far...

Hope this helps.