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Hiding/Showing Subforms


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Hi Experts,

I try to design a Form showing a collapsible Directory-Tree. I use nested subforms with Buttons to set the .presence property of the inferior subform to "hidden"/"visible". Setting to "hidden" works fine but if I set one of my Subforms to "visible" all other subforms get visible also. If I save the Document with the presence of a subform set to "hidden", it is not possible to get it visible at runtime by means of JavaScript. It seams as if setting any subform to visible renders the Document as if it has been newly opened again.

Is this a Bug in Acrobat?

And I found another Problem: I former tried to read my directory-tree from an XML-File. Dynamically loading of Formfiels with variable number of datasets worked fine, but when hiding and subsequently showing a subform again, all data from the underlying formfields is lost.

Does anybody know the reason? Or are there any helpful suggestions to get a dynamic Tree in a PDF-File?

Additional Info: I use Acrobat 7.05 with Lifecycle Designer Version 7,0,041126,0

Thanks in advance

Armin Schorsch
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