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Automatically populate a text field in a second flowed subform and various instances.


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I have 2 repeteables subforms, 1 and 2, each placed in  2 others Subforms A and B.

When I add an intance in subform1 (situated in A) the same button also adds an Intance in subform2 ( B).

In subform1 ( A) I have two dropdowns of whom the second with "xfa.event.change" filled a field of text.

My problem: I want that the same action filled automatically another field of text with the same data in subform2 ( B).

To there it works but not in the 2nd instance of subform2 because the data remain those of the instance subform1.

in Subform A

form1.SubForm_MarketAnalysis.SubForm_MarketSale.MarketCountry0.SubForm.subform.ProdItem0::change - (JavaScript, client)

form1.SubForm_MarketAnalysis.SubForm_MarketSale.MarketCountry0.SubForm.subform.Prod_Code - (JavaScript, client)

in Subform B

form1.SubForm_Productivity.MarketCountry[0].SubForm.subform.Prod_Ref - (JavaScript, client)

Thank you in advance for your help.

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thanks to a previous comment of this invaluable forum, I found this solution.


in Subform B

form1.SubForm_Productivity.MarketCountry[0].SubForm.subform.Prod_Ref - (JavaScript, client)

this.rawValue = xfa.resolveNode("SubForm_MarketAnalysis.SubForm_MarketSale.MarketCountry0.SubForm.rowSubform1[" + this.parent.index.toString() + "]").Prod_Code.rawValue;


It works perfectly.

Thanks to all the  experts!