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hidden subforms in large form take long to unhide


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I'm working on a large (for me, anyway) form of 12 pages. Up to this time, as I've been learning LC, I've been doing experiments on a single page. Now that I've loaded up the 12 page form and begun to work on it, I've run into a time lag that has me worried right out of the gate.

I've got a radio button which unhides a small subform. In my experiments with a single page, it'd become visible instantly. In this new form, it takes almost 3 seconds to unhide, during which time the hourglass is showing. I'm sure it's got something to do with searching everything in the form, because when I delete all the other pages, it goes back to instantaneous unhiding.

In the Javascript which runs the radio button, I've tried using direct path, resolveNode and putting the subform in the same form as the button, but it always takes almost 3 seconds to unhide.

Granted, this 12 page document is absolutely jammed with objects. I created the mockup in Illustrator and imported it. So every stroke comes in as a separate object. But I'd think that if the AcroReader knew exactly where the hidden subform was, it wouldn't have to go through the entire document.

EDIT: OK, I took out all the junk objects, but it's still very slow to respond.

Help would be greatly appreciated.



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What size of file of your form?

Could you post it?

Paul Butenko


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Hi Graham,

Have a look at this guide:


it may help.

When you say every stroke comes in as a separate object, do you mean that you have a number of image objects (from the InDesign) that have changing presence?  It might be worth checking what events are firing. Script in ready:Layout event fires every time the form changes, everytime a user tabs out of a field.

Hope you get it working "faster",


Thanks for your replies.

Paul, it was 1.5 megs before I took all the lines out. <.5 megs after.

Niall, I have looked at the performance guide and see that I am using a lot of static text objects. Also, background color boxes are used in each page. Getting that straightened out has made things a lot speedier. Thanks!