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exporting form


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I am very new to this program and need help please. I have made a form and want people to be able to fill it out on my web site and then return it to me by the e-mail submit button. When it is filled out and returned it comes back to me in the xml format. I would like it to be clear of all the code when it comes back to my e-mail. Is there a way to export it differently so that it comes back in a different (better) format.

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Are you using to Email button from Form Designer?

You can use a normal button instead and change its "Control Type" to make it a submit button. That way you can specify what is going to be returned.

Once you have created the button and set the "Control type" to submit, go under the Submit tab. The submit URL should follow the mailto protocol. Something like mailto:youremailaddress.com.

Then select the "Submit As" to be XML and you should receive an nice clean xml of the information that was filled in your form.



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Thank you Jasmin, That is still a bit over my head. I put below the code that I think you are speaking of. Can you possibly tell me how to change this? If this is asking to much I totally understand. <br /><br />Thanks for your advice and help. Kathy<br /><br /><field h="6mm" name="EmailSubmitButton1" w="34.925mm" x="149.5425mm"><br /> <?templateDesigner isEmailSubmitObject true?><br /> <ui><br /> <button/><br /> </ui><br /> <font typeface="Myriad Pro"/><br /> <caption><br /> <value><br /> <text>Submit by Email</text><br /> </value><br /> <para hAlign="center" vAlign="middle"/><br /> <font typeface="Myriad Pro"/><br /> </caption><br /> <border hand="right"><br /> <?templateDesigner StyleID apbx2?><br /> <edge cap="butt" stroke="raised"/><br /> <fill><br /> <color value="212,208,200"/><br /> </fill><br /> </border><br /> <bind match="none"/><br /> <event activity="click"><br /> <submit format="xml" target="mailto:me@myisp.net?subject=Employment Application" textEncoding="UTF-8"/>


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Your current code: <submit format="xml"

What your code should be if you want data back in PDF format: <submit format="pdf"

Hope that helps.