FormsService WebService with Java WebService API




I have a big problem with the webservice API using the FormsService.

I have read in the LiveBooks, that I have to generate a stub from a wsdl. The page told me that I can use wsdl2java. I did so and became a stub.

Now I copied the Java-Quick-Start example (also from the LiveBooks) in my Java-Project. But then I see some errors in the code.

The following line is wrong:

> sl = new FormsServiceServiceLocator();

Eclipse tells me that the FormsServiceServiceLocator cannot be resolved to a type. This class is not in the generated stub.

Now I ask you:

What have I done wrong?

Is there anybody who uses webservices without errors?

The page I got the code from is:

If you need more information, so post it please.

Greetings, Versed