Exception event startpoint is not called




Hi everybody

I developed a process, that should catch every exception that occur in the system. For that i added an exception event to the process and set it as start point. I did not add any filter-criteria, but read the FaultName to a local variable that is marked as input. As far as i understand, should this process catch every exception from the whole system as soon as it is activated. But actually it is never called by LC. Did I forget something?

Greez Simon






Hi Jasmin

I already did so. Probably I do just understand something wrong.

Process 1: Exception event as start point, no filtering, no data mapping

Process 2: Throw exception (e.g. try to read a file that does not exists or execute a wrong DB query)

I recorded process 1, but it is never started!



Hi Jasmin,

I'm trying to catch all exceptions. I've put the generic exception event as the startpoint and expect the orchestration to get kicked off when the exception occures in any process.

This are the observations so far:

- The exception startpoint is working fine only for the Short Lived processes. So if a short lived service throws the exception then the start point in my orchestration works fine and the remaining orchestration is executed.

- But I'm not able to capture the exception details in my orchestration. It is always blank. I'm using mappings tab to store the exception details into process variables. I've attached the snapshot of the configuration so you get more idea.






Hi Jasmin,

Thanks. I made them of type "input' and i'm getting the values now. It seems little strange that the Exception event is a start point but the variables need to be of type 'input' while the event mapping is having the assignments. anyways....

What I got out of the exception is this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Exception>
            <FaultMessage>Invalid location: adsf cannot be stored for action instance: 8804</FaultMessage>

And I couldn't find any relation between event_id and the process which threw the exception.

I want to find out the process_instance_id, process name and step name which threw this exception but based on event_id I couldn't find any relation in any table to retrieve it.

Can you suggest what needs to be done if i want to find out the process_instance_id, process name and step name based on the Exception event data?


Parth Pandya

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You need the variables to be input, because the Event Start Point is really like another way of invoking the process where you need to pass the values as part of the inputs variables. I agree it's not intuitive though.

Unfortunately, I don' think there any way you can link the process instance and the error id. We just know something went wrong with a process.