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Help on Livecycle/DSN...API or some type of Active X solution to help making connection


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I have a solution that I'm trying to come up with.

LiveCycle is a relatively handy tool for automating input from ODBC data

sources to download to forms

What we would like to do is automate the process of setting up the DSN used

by LiveCycle and automate the process of making the connection to that DSN

to populate the fields in the forms. Automating the DSN setup is done. But

what I'm looking for is an API or some type of Active X solution to help

with making the connection, populating the forms using LiveCycle and

printing the PDF output file. Can you help me with this?

Currently I'm using LiveCycle Designer 8.0 as part of the Adobe Acrobat

suite. Can I use this, or do I need to look at a different software package?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide me with.
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Hiho Ashley,

Iam sorry that I can´t answer your question about the Active-X-Stuff and I truely doubt, that you will look in this thread again. But Iam interested in your solution for automated build of an DSN. Is it within the PDF-File, so not every user wanting the the PDF to be filled have to settle up an extra connection? And does it work, if the user has no permission to make a DSN on his own?

Hope, someone can reply



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From an Acrobat/Form perspective you cannot dynamically create a DSN. This would be a huge security hole. I do not know if you can automate the creation of the DSN from other Windows technologies but definately not from within the form.