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Emailing a fillable form in PDF format


I need to create a PDF fillable form that will send a filled pdf

version to an email on submit.

The ones we have tried so far send an xml version of the form instead

of the filled pdf version.

Also, is it possible to leave the email recipient empty to allow the

form to be sent to different people each time it's filled?

I am using Adobe Acrobat Professional CS3.

Thank you in advance,

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I am having the exact same problem. I need the person filling out the pdf to be able to hit the submit email button and send it as a pdf not an xml which is what i'm getting now.



Level 7
The XML is generally much more useful, and the whole process less

complicated by special licensing!

If you aren't clear on what to do with the XML, please post.

Aandi Inston
See topic: Email form and not XML where Chris Trubiani wrote:

"Select the email submit button, click the XML Source tab (enable it in the view menu if you don't see it), and change the format attribute of the submit node from 'xml' to 'pdf' "

I tried this and it works! Many thanks to Chris.
The trick is to go through the "Distribute Form" (Forms / Distribute Forms) process before you send the form. This adds a "_pub_0001" to the end of your file name before the ".pdf". Once it comes back, it opens the original file and inserts the data into the PDF. Your PDF form now looks just as it did only on top is all the xml data in sets letting you go from data set to data set on the form as if it was plugging data into your merge print word processor form from a spreadsheet. It really is simple, until you reda the help file which, as usual with Adobe help, leaves ya more confused than when ya started trying to figure things out.
I worked all weekend to create a form on Live Cycle Designer 8.0. I got all done - everything seemed to work, except that it will not submit the form. I have been reading contradicting info about the type of submit button to use, how to submit, etc. I am at my wits end. Can someone please help. I would be more than happy to email you my form to look at.

Thank you for the info. In what program do I use the Distribute Form" (Forms / Distribute Forms) process. I am using Designer 7.0. Thanks

John Erichsen, P.E., S.E.
I changed the 'xml' to 'pdf' and when I hit the submit button, nothing happens. I changed it back to 'xml' and it attaches the xml file to an email. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

I use LiveCycle 8 to create saveable PDF forms having 'Submit' buttons, and would like to know how to create them without Submit buttons. The 'Distribute' feature only seems to work when forms have a Submit button. Any suggestions?

I am having a similar issue. I have figured out how to create the fillable forms and have them submitted to an email account as a .fdf file. My issue is this: is there any way to have the submit button not direct the email through the user's email client? I understand that using the "mailto:" command automatically does this but is there any way to program the submit button to not direct the form to the email client? If the user has no email client specified, it prompts you to do things that may scare or intimidate the average person.

Many thanks.


Could you post instructions on how you got the filled form to email as a pdf? I've tried what is listed in other posts but can't seem to get it to work. Thanks.



Level 7
Eric says he was posting as an FDF, not a PDF.

Aandi Inston
first i used adobe liveCycle designer 8

i did several test with Xml and pdf formats in several operating system and many of them did not work correctly , the only reliable way is this :

when you design your form and publish it to Repository (File->publish to Repository)note that u should select "Acrobat7(static)PDF form" from Save as type combo box and if your addressee fil it with adobe acrobat pprofessional 8 submit by email button run correct .
If you created your for in LiveCycle Designer 7, Reader cannot email a PDF file, only the XML. If you open the form in Acrobat Pro 8 and enable usage rights (under the Advanced menu), users with Reader can then send the filled-out PDF file.
I have a 10-page form converted from a Word doc. Looks fine on the screen and works, but I can't get the tab order to hold. I click the order on each page, all looks perfect, and most of it works, but a few always get out of synch. It's driving me crazy. What's the trick?
In Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0:

Click on your email submit button. Click on the XML Source tab (if you can't see it, click on View-->XML. You will see this line of code:

<event activity="click">

<submit format="xml" textEncoding="UTF-8" target="mailto:"/>


Change the "xml" to "pdf".

I have created numerous forms & this works on all of them.

Your advice did not work. I changed the "xml" to "pdf" and nothing happens. Any advice?



Level 2
You create a button - change the name from button to submit by email. Then you go to your object tab and change the type to submit, go to the layout tab and change it to PDF. Then you add mailto:(email address).

this will create an email message with the filled PDF as an attachment.
Is thr any way by which I can send the filled PDF to user specified email address and not just default email address.?