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DropDownList with Text Box Combo - Multiple Selections


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I'm a new user, I have Adobe LiveCycle ES 8.2.

I've already searched every forum comment and could not find a solid resolution to this topic.

I have a form it's ready to go with one issue. My final dropdownlist needs to have a Text Box Combo that allows more than one selection.

Currently, I have a DropDownList with a TextField The variables are set up perfectly.

Now, I need to convert this TextField into a Text Box, and have the selections from the DropDownList populate in this new Text Box. Allowing more than one selection. The DropDownList has 11 selections.

Please be extremely specific with guided steps. I'm still learning basics with javascript and how to make proper scripting attachments to objects.

The help with this form will be most appreciative and I believe the resolution will be well recognized among the LiveCycle ES community.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Arnold Love.

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The dropdown list only supports one selection. The List box does support a multi-choice list.

To get the values that have been selected you can use the rawValue. So if your text field is called TextField1 and the list box is called ListBox1 then your code would look like this:

TextField1.rawValue = ListBox1.rawValue;

This would be javascript and not FormCalc.


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Hi Paul,

Here is an example of what I'm using now.

if(xfa.event.newText == "Animal Dander"){

tax.rawValue = ad.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Tobacco Smoke"){

tax.rawValue = ts.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Dust/Mold/Cockroach"){

tax.rawValue = dmc.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Pollen, Cold, Weather change"){

tax.rawValue = pcwc.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Infection (cold, pneumonia)"){

tax.rawValue = icp.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Gastroesophageal Reflux"){

tax.rawValue = gr.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Stress/High emotions"){

tax.rawValue = she.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Exercise"){

tax.rawValue = e.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Air Pollutant"){

tax.rawValue = ap.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Medicines"){

tax.rawValue = m.value;

}else if(xfa.event.newText == "Foods"){

tax.rawValue = f.value;


When I choose any of these options in (eg, Foods, i get f value). I choose a 2nd option and it replaces the first option (Foods).

I wanted to keep the value of the first option and choose other options to populate in the same text box without replacing the other

Thank you for your initial response.

Arnold Love


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Not sure I follow ...maybe if you sent me the form or created a simplified version. Then send it to livecycle8@gmail.com and I will have a look.


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For anyone viewing this message:

This topic is still open for a solution...

I have multiple check boxes and would like text to generate within a text field or a text box. (whichever will work).

The problem is... as I check other boxes the value replaces the previous selection.

Solution would be: As I check off boxes each value would remain in the text field and accumulate

Please feel free to give any advice. Thank you.


Level 10
I think you just need to concatenate the existing value with the new value.

TextField.rawValue = TextField.rawValue + Selection.rawValue;