deactivate Collab.registerReview



In my process it's possible to insert some annots on Static PDF with an FDF associated, using Collab.registerReview method's. In the second phase of this process i need to stop collaboration phase and to display at the next Task Assign this PDF whit all the annots and comments. By this moment i want that users were disable to insert others annots and comments, but in the same time i need that these were visible on the document.<br />It's possible? there are others FDF method's or params to set to stop the collaboration?<br />Exists documentation about FDF script ?<br />i'm using an FDF like this:<br /><br />%FDF-1.2<br />1 0 obj<br /><<<br />/FDF<br /><<<br />/F (<br />/JavaScript<br /><<<br />/After 2 0 R<br />>><br />>><br />>><br />endobj<br />2 0 obj<br /><<<br />>><br />stream<br />Collab.registerReview({doc:this,initiator:(new String("")),id:(new String("test<Inserire la Versione>2007-12-19T0920")),source:(new String("")), driver:(new String("urn://")), invitees:(new String("")), sentDate:(new Date()), deadDate:((new Date())+100000000), requireSave:(new Boolean(false)), cc:(new String(""))});<br />endstream<br />endobj<br />trailer<br /><<<br />/Root 1 0 R<br />>><br />%%EOF<br /><br />Please, help me...





I'm facing exactly the same problem since a few months, and I didn't manage to find any solution.

If you (or someone else) have found a solution, please answer.