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Convert PDF to JPEG


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I am trying to convert PDF to JPEG but nothing happends:

11:26:40,066 INFO [AESEngineBean] AES_1001: Begin processing job 7d3c83-9fb0bb-bb6430-f02c1c-3cb625-ce1185

11:31:12,118 INFO [AESEngineBean] AES_1002: Done processing job 7d3c83-9fb0bb-bb6430-f02c1c-3cb625-ce1185

and thats all theres not a generated file, the documentation has a sample and i,m using it but in one line of the code its missing an object or cometing, and the method your trying to use does not exist this is the part of my code hope some one can help me i am stuck here:

AESAPIResults apiResults = gen.submitJob("EJB Test Client ", idpDoc, dataFile.getName(), xmlconfg,null, APIConstants.DEFAULT_JOB_PRIORITY, null, null, "en_US", null);

String jobId = apiResults.jobID;

Document doc = (Document) apiResults.resultDocument; System.out.println("ResultDocumentFilePath: " +


InputStream inputStream = doc.getInputStream();

File outFile2 = new File(apiResults.resultFilename);

OutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(outFile2);

copyStreamsAndClose(inputStream, outputStream);

System.out.println("Wrote Document data to " + utFile2.getCanonicalPath());

the copyStreamAndClose exist???
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Hi Ivam

Im also trying to convert from PDF to JPEG, either by sending the configuration file as a web service or as bean API. but i encounter problems did you successfully convert the file?

the code I am using is :

Object homeObject = initialContextOb.lookup( PDFGAPI7Home.JNDI_NAME );

//System.out.println("lookout complete");

PDFGAPI7Home apiHome =

( PDFGAPI7Home ) PortableRemoteObject.narrow( homeObject,

PDFGAPI7Home.class );

try {

PDFGAPI7 apiBean = apiHome.create();

i_xml = apiBean.getPDFExportXML("JPEG", 777, null);

//i_xml = jxml;


File i_pdfFile = new File(a_sourceDir,a_fileName);

System.out.println("file name"+i_pdfFile.getPath()+"/"+i_pdfFile.getName());

AESAPIResults i_result = apiBean.submitJob(

"Convert JPEG",









"Conversion DAEMON",


but I'm getting :

The system encountered an unexpected error while processing this request. Please contact the system administrator. C:\Documents and Settings\idank\My Documents\Tasks - code\YPG\ACL\pdf\InternalProofMask.pdf (The system cannot find the path specified)

did you encounter this problem.


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I once found instructions to insert a file in an adobe directory which did the job. I suspect some update has messed it up and I cant find guide again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!