component.xml and adobe-component-ext.properties




Hi, Can anyone you put more light on HOW TO USE / HOW IT WORKS <br />1) component.xml's tags <br /> <export-packages> <br /> <import-packages> <br /> <supports-export> <br />2) adobe-component-ext.properties under app-server-root/bin <br /><br />I know there is a documentation on above on Adobe LCES page but found it is limited. <br />I would like to share classes between multiple custom components so that if one component exports its classes get redeployed then all the other component(s) that uses the exported classes start utilizing the new redeployed code/classes. <br /><br />I would like to keep common class libraries at one place and all component just should define the class path pointing to that dir/jars and therefore not required to include these common lib into each component-jar file while deploying it. <br />Any thoughts? <br /><br />Thanks <br />Yog