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Adobe Life cycle Designer- QR code Fix Size - SAP


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My requirement is to have a FIX QR code size. But i see if my data in the binding is changing the QR code size s also Changing.


I need to convert Purchase Order Line item data to QR code , Please help.




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Hi there,


I'm not really savvy in the QR Code subject, therefor I've looked up information related to LCD and QR Codes...


Technically, if you want to handle the height and width of the QR Code using LCD, somehow you'll have to handle an algorithm based on data provided to the QR code to change a specific property.


Since a QR Code and PDF417 is two different entities... I am not sure if it is a good idea to readjust the size of the code bars.


Your best shot at this would be modifying the following properties of a QR Code object in your PDF forms...

QRCodeBarcode1.ui.barcode.moduleHeight = "0.0167in";

QRCodeBarcode1.ui.barcode.moduleWidth = "0.0167in";

the more data your QR Code contains, the smaller the module height and width should be...


I hope this will help you.


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You can create QR codes with JavaScript and subfoms instead of using the built-in barcodes. This gives you the full control of the its appearance (dimensions, color …).

Here's a sample you can use: https://thelivecycle.blogspot.com/2014/08/dynamic-qr-code-in-xfa-form.html