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Charset problems in LC


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Hi all,<br />I have the following promblem:<br />I've made the form in LC Designer that is filled by data from XML file.<br />When I request this form from LiveCycle server I'm get the right PDF, except following charset issue:<br />All '&#8470;' symbols (AKA Numero sign) in data from XML file that merges with PDF gets changed to '¹' (AKA Superscript one).<br />Seems like somewhere on the server I've got utf-8 --> cp1251 conversion.<br />Both resulting PDF and XML file with data seems to be ok and have utf-8 charset. Only one place i could find "CP1251" is in the config.xml, that i've exported from the LC Server AdminUI page.<br /><br /><node name="Output"><br /><br /><entry key="RenderedOutputCacheEnabled" value="true"/><br /><entry key="RenderedOutputCachePolicy" value="LRU"/><br /><entry key="charset" value="CP1251"/><br />...etc<br /><br />But when i'm tried to change this to "utf-8" in config.xml and import it back to the server nothing happens and another export gives me same config.xml with "CP1251" in it.<br />Maybe somone can help me to solve this problem and have my '&#8470;' back? )<br /><br />Thank you!
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